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Time is one thing our machines can't make. But they sure do save a lot of it. Our best customers are always working to reduce cycle times. And eliminate idle time.They know that the quicker they drop high quality, complex parts complete, the more profitable they can be. There is nothing more important to them. Beating the cycle times of other machines by 50% is not unusual. That's why they swear by INDEX TRAUB. And we work every day to engineer our machines and processes to work ever faster and more efficiently. This saves time and reduces piece cost for our customers. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Our bar feeders are fast and quiet with all material. Our spindle acceleration is near instant. Chip to chip times are less than 1 sec. Scrap rates near zero. Our toolholder bases eliminate on-machine setting and can improve tool life 20-50% In fact, our customers say the only limit to improving their part processes and cycle times is their imagination. What could you do with an INDEX TRAUB machine? Visionary technology. Exceptional machines. There is nothing more important to us. ■ Our innovative multispindle CNC turning machines do the work of 6 or 8 single spindle lathes in a fraction of the floorspace. Swiss Turning CNC Multispindle Multifunction Automatic Lathes Global Applications Expertise Service & Training

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