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CHICAGO, IL @ IMTS SEPTEMBER 12-13, 2012 AEROSPACE CONFERENCE Trends in Advanced Machining, Manufacturing and Materials AEROSPACE CONFERENCE .D$03.*$,ŗ1-"$&ŗs $)*$"(0ųŗ*-ŗsŗ4&15ŗşŞ-şţųŗŠŞşŠ Focus of the Conference: Advanced Machining Processes to produce more complex parts for the latest designs in aircraſt structures and engines, as well as other industries that can benefit from similar machining processes. The conference will examine the impact of these processes and techniques. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies have been introduced and traditional methods have been improved. The conference will consider the effectiveness and benefits of using new and developing technologies. Advanced Materials are being used, including composites and titanium alloys, which produce lighter stronger structures. Aircraſt engines are using materials to enable them to work at higher operating temperatures, increasing efficiency and operating performance. The conference will examine the impact of these materials and the new manufacturing technologies being developed. KNOWLEDGE PRESENTORS EVENT SPONSORS GLOBAL PRESENTERS

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