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CMTSE DIRECTORY 10 2016 MTBuyers Guide Work with a CMTSE In order to be competitive, manufacturers are faced with increasingly challenging deci- sions about the technology available to them to improve throughput and productivity, and about those they can rely on for the expertise they need to make the best decisions for their unique applications. Manufacturing technology equipment builders, and their distributor and integrator partners are aware of the competitive pressures affecting manufacturers in the market- place today. CMTSEs stand above the rest in their knowledge and experience in the industry. Created in 1993, the Certifed Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineer (CMTSE) Certifcation program was born out of and industry need for a higher level of education in technical and sales expertise in order to best meet customer needs. Individuals eligible to register for the CMTSE training and certifcation process are required to have prior sales experience in the manufacturing industry. They must learn a standard, industry-based curriculum and successfully complete a fnal exam that measures their broad knowledge of manufacturing technology and processes, specifc machine tool controls and technologies, as well as professional sales skills and an understanding of business economics and sales professionalism. The CMTSE credential is the only industry-recognized professional certifcation program that acknowledges individuals who possess the skills and knowledge needed to perform effectively as manufacturing technology sales engineers and trusted business advisors to their customers. CMTSEs make a commitment to their profession through applied learning and testing of an extensive body of knowledge in professional manufacturing technology sales. The CMTSE certifcation is not a one-time event but a lifelong commitment. To maintain their professional credential, all CMTSEs must recertify every three years. To do so, they are required to submit documentation of ongoing professional development through a variety of activities, including training that augments their profciencies. CMTSE—ask about it, look for it, expect it from your manufacturing technology sales representative. For more information about the CMTSE program, visit, ALABAMA Glenn E. Cave, Morris South, A Division of Morris Group, Inc. William J. Davis, Phillips Corporation, Jeffreys Division Matthew J. McMillian, Ellison Technologies Gary E. Peck, Morris South, A Division of Morris Group, Inc. Kennedy D. Pope, Independent Douglas G. Schulte, Morris South, A Division of Morris Group, Inc. ARIZONA Jason David McCurdy, Ellison Machinery Company, LLC ARKANSAS Zach Chimarys, TechMach James A. Moore, Maruka USA, Inc. Michael A. Russell, Phillips Corporation, Jeffreys Division CALIFORNIA William R. Belina, Haas Factory Outlet - MTS Kenneth B. Bennett, Ellison Technologies Eric Benson, Selway Machine Tool Co., Inc. Errol D. Burrell, Ellison Technologies Edward D. Conner, Gosiger, West, LLC Michael Conroy, Methods Machine Tools, Inc. Eric Dean, Mazak Corp., Western Technology Center Randy P. Felten, DMG MORI USA Kenneth C. Foulks, Haas Automation, Inc. Bradley T. Gecowets, Gosiger, West, LLC Daniel S. Geer, Ellison Technologies Patrick N. Hayes, Selway Machine Tool Co., Inc. Koji Kato, DMG MORI Jeffrey A. Kipp, Mazak Corp., Western Technology Center Robert L. Martel, Selway Machine Tool Co., Inc. Richard A. McCauley, Mazak Corp. - Western Technology Center Ronald W. McConnell, Amada America Inc. Laser Automation Kurt K. Nishimura, DMG MORI USA, Inc. Hanson S. Pulickal, Ellison Technologies

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