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CMTSE DIRECTORY 12 2016 MTBuyers Guide Jonathan Walker, GF Machining Solutions Agie Charmilles LLC Matt Woodcock, Quality Machinery Systems, Inc. Thomas Zimmerman, Machinery Systems, Inc. INDIANA Doug Brannies, Royal Products, Division of Curran Manufacturing Corp. Joseph A. Braun, Hurco North America Michael Cope, Hurco North America Jason R. Falk, Hurco North America John W. Farley, ACI Machine Tool Sales, LLC John C. Foreman, Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Motoman Robotics Division Thomas P. Gorman, Technical Equipment Sales Co. David B. Plank, Hurco North America Matthew F. Porter, Technical Equipment Sales Company, A Division of Morris Group, Inc. Jeffrey L. Reinert, INDEX Corporation Mark Saalmuller, INDEX Corporation Aaron Scholle, Hennig, Inc. IOWA Paul T. Farrell, FORGE Manufacturing Solutions Thomas Andrew Rose, Ellison Technologies Tri-State Brad D. Woody, DMG MORI Ellison Technologies Tri-State KANSAS Jon M. Doell, Gage Machine Tool M. William Farris, Kansas-Oklahoma Machine Tools, Inc. Bradley Haas, Kansas-Oklahoma Machine Tools, Inc. Dale Jarvis, Hartwig, Inc., Wichita Division Jeremy Seier, Kansas-Oklahoma Machine Tools, Inc. Scott Wyatt, Hartwig, Inc., Wichita Division KENTUCKY Steven E. Arey, Mazak Technology Center Phillip F. Haming, HFO Midwest Gregory P. Mikulec, Technical Equipment Sales Company, A Morris Group, Inc. Company Gregory Papke, Mazak Corporation Maurice E. Rowley, Mazak Corporation Ms. Aimee Shandy, Mazak Corporation Theodor Sprenger, BURKHARDT+WEBER Daniel Lee Steward, Independent LOUISIANA Eric M. D'Arcourt, Machine Tools, Inc. Keith A. Langlois, Oliver H. Van Horn Co., LLC Michael R. Poovey, MSC Industrial Supply Co. MARYLAND Michael B. DeMarti, MD Machinery Inc. MASSACHUSETTS James H. Cepican, Citizen Machinery America Inc. Paul E. McLaughlin, Methods Machine Tools, Inc. MICHIGAN John L. Addy, IV, Addy Machinery Company Patrick D. Addy, Addy Machinery Company Peter J. Addy, Addy Machinery Company Steven M. Addy, Addy Machinery Company Craig S. Barton, DMG MORI USA Kevin M. Black, Independent Fred G. Braun, III, Braun Machinery Company, Hurco Midwest LLC James F. Braun, Braun Machinery Company, Hurco Midwest LLC Matthew J. Czajka, Network Machinery, Inc. Thomas E. Dawson, Gerotech, Inc. Charles M. Grant, Addy Machinery Company Donald Hindley, Vander Ziel Machinery Sales Inc. Nicholas R. Karaisz, Novi Precision Products, Inc. Terry M. Kasper, Gerotech, Inc. Scott Leonard, Network Machinery, Inc. Patrick T. Lynch, Gerotech, Inc. Douglas J. Morgan, Braun Machinery Company, Hurco Midwest LLC Kevin F. Mungovan, Clausing Industrial, Inc. Kevin Rowe, SST- North Garry R. Sredzinski, Network Machinery, Inc. Douglas S. Swartz, Elk Rapids Engineering, Division of Star Cutter Company Todd Turk, Gosiger, Inc. John D. Villari, Independent Gerd T. Walter, Creative Automation, Inc. MINNESOTA James R. Evans, Flow International Corporation Brian Feggestad, Matrix CNC Sales, LLC Terry W. Gren, Morris Midwest, LLC , A Division of Morris Group, Inc. Peter J. Histed, Ellison Technologies Jerry Rex, Concept Machine Tool Joseph M. Wellcome, Independent

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