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We believe so strongly in the precision and productivity gains you can experience by switching to our products, that we decided to make our most popular products available for no-risk trials; use them on your machines, in your own processes, cutting real parts. We call it the "Test Us" campaign and it includes micro tool holders, synchro tapping holders, high performance drills, rough boring heads and tool presetters. "Higher Performance. Guaranteed." has long been a statement we hang our hat on. We want to prove to you that our tooling outperforms and delivers lasting value. We are challenging the metalworking world to "Test Us." We are confi dent you'll not only experience better results and accelerated cycle time, but you'll be able to create an environment where you can repeat it long-term, extend tool life, and have peace of mind after hitting "Cycle Start". Our tooling stands up to the hardest tests in metalworking, day in and day out, and we'd love the opportunity to prove it. Visit to request your no-risk trial today. EXPERIENCE PRECISION AND PRODUCTIVITY GAINS AND WE'LL PROVE IT. Bore Depth CUTTING TIME COMPARISON SERIES 319 SW TWIN CUTTER Cutting Time, Minutes per Hole Material: 4140 Steel Starting Hole: 3" Final Hole: 4" Milling 2" Face Mill, 5 Flute Feed/Tooth: .005" Rough Boring 4" SW 319, Stepped Cutting Feed/Tooth: .014"

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