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4 2016 MTBuyers Guide Welcome to the 2016 edition of the AMT MTBuyers Guide , brought to you by AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology. We hope you fnd this to be a valuable resource in researching and selecting the types of manufacturing technology that can make your business more fexible, responsive, and productive. Manufacturing has always been the primary driver in technology innovation. The industry is a leader in research and development investment, continuously fnding innovative ways to make things, make them faster, and make them at a lower cost to a higher accuracy. As materials and processes used in manufacturing evolve in their complexity, technology is crucial to keeping pace with the demands required of these advanced developments. The speed of transformation within manufacturing is faster than at any point in history, ushering in an era that is both exciting and challenging. AMT members in this guide are designated by our association emblem — . These companies have shown their commitment to furthering the goals of the industry through their active participation in AMT, which represents and promotes members who build, sell, or service U.S.-based manufacturing technology. Membership in AMT indicates that a company has a high level of engineering and production in its U.S. locations; staff and infrastructure to provide service and support for its products throughout the U.S.; training and education for its U.S. workforce and customers; and/or signifcant investment in research and development through academic or institutional partnerships. This is the guide to help you fnd some of the best manufacturing technology on the market today. We wish you success in growing your manufacturing operations to their greatest potential, and beyond. Sincerely, Douglas K. Woods President AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology

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