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Amada Machine Tools America, Inc. 847-285-4800 A Precision Portfolio for All Your Grinding Needs DV1 DIGITAL PROFILE GRINDER ◾ Grind Precision Carbide Punches Completely Unattended ◾ State-of-the-Art CCD Camera System for Automatic, On- Machine Profle Inspection and Compensation with No Charts ◾ Optional Full Automation for Workpiece and Wheel Changes GLS 150GL OPTICAL PROFILE GRINDER ◾ Easiest Way to Grind Precision Carbide Punches, Dies and Inserts with Mirror Finishes ◾ High-Resolution Projector with a New, High-Clarity LED Illumination System ◾ User-Friendly Teach/Playback Programming System ◾ Fast-Stroke System with Up to 400 SPM MX 150 MULTIPROCESSING GRINDING CENTER ◾ Five-Axis Grinding and Milling in One Easy-to-Use Machine ◾ Complete Processing in a Single Cycle—from Rough Stock to Finished Surfaces ◾ Sub-Micron Precision for Maintaining the Tightest Tolerances ◾ 42,000-RPM High-Precision Grinding/Milling Spindle SSR5 ROTARY SURFACE GRINDER ◾ 3X Productivity Increase Compared to a Conventional Surface Grinder with Equivalent Working Area ◾ Low Environmental Load, Non-Hydraulic NC Specifcation ◾ Automatic Table Dressing Enhances Dimensional Accuracy TS SERIES COLUMN-TYPE PRECISION SURFACE GRINDERS ◾ 16" x 32" (400 mm x 800 mm) through 24" x 48" (600 mm x 1200 mm) ◾ On-Board Measurement Probe (Optional) ◾ Full Longitudinal Support with Hand-Scraped V-V Slideways for Superior Flatness and Long Life ◾ C-Type Column and Headstock Eliminates Overhang ◾ Full Three-Axis Control with Longitudinal Ball Screw Drive for Low-Powered Creep Feed Applications ◾ Real-Time Graphics Support Straight, Slot, and Profle Dressing ◾ Multi-Work Cycles Enable Grinding of Up to Five Diferent Workpieces in One Setup

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